Complete client protection
CloseGap hybrid technology Maximum protection through proactive and signature-based detection
G DATA BankGuard 2.0Secure online payment transactions - no browser add-on or additional software required
Behaviour monitoring of filesEven protects against unknown viruses
Integrated protection against spam and infected emailAdd-on for Microsoft Outlook and POP3 and IMAP accounts
Powerful firewall Monitors all incoming and outgoing connections, protects against DoS attacks, port scans etc.
AntiVirus for Linux clientsAlso protects Linux computers in your company network against Internet risks
Central administration
Simple administration and fast overviewControl installations, virus scans and authorisations for all clients centrally
Simplified installation overviewWith status reports and installation history display 
Re-engineered dashboardFor a user-friendly overview of all relevant information, including context-based help
Remote controlAlso possible from anywhere via web interface - even from mobile browsers
Device controlSpecify who is allowed to use USB sticks, storage cards or burners
Application control Specify which programs are allowed to be installed or run
Surfing filterBlock any websites that are not associated with everyday work
Internet usage controlSurfing time, and start and end times can be specified as you want
ActiveDirectory connectionFor transferring existing group structures and automated client installation
Mobile device managementCentral administration of mobile Android devices, with theft protection, app checking, business telephone book, call filter etc.
Software/hardware directoryDetailed display of the entire inventory
German premium supportThe development and support teams work closely together in Bochum - for the best, first-hand support, 24/7/365

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The MailSecurity module, our mail server-independent gateway solution, uses a powerful real-time scanner to reliably detect viruses and spam via POP3 and SMTP connections, before the emails even reach the clients. This also saves administration time and valuable resources. MailSecurity functions with any popular mail server (such as Microsoft Exchange, Notes etc.) and includes a plug-in for Exchange 2007 to 2013.


Comprehensive protection against malware is crucial, but sometimes it takes no more than a simple loss of information to suddenly and unexpectedly destroy your data. Our centralised client backup module removes this concern, regularly backing up the data on all your company PCs automatically.


Besides emails, holes in frequently used software also offer malware a backdoor. Because of this, you can now add the PatchManagement module to your G DATA business solution. Keep software installed on clients fully up-to-date via centrally distributed updates and patches. This leaves hackers no opportunity for using software exploits to infiltrate your network.

New threats from cyber space

In recent years the Internet has developed into the world's most important commercial and communications platform, simplifying and enriching international business. However, this development has not gone unnoticed among cyber criminals. Of all the risks that face modern companies, that of an attack from cyber space is the most dangerous one by some distance these days.

Backups are just the start

Because the Internet is increasingly significant for criminals as well, the focus has now shifted, according to an analysis by market research institute Gartner in 2013: internal infrastructures are increasingly being protected primarily against external attacks, and the level of investment in security software is increasing. And rightly so: the quantity of malware continues to increase rapidly, as can be seen in G DATA SecurityLabs statistics.

New levels of computer malware

The actual problem is not just the sheer quantity of the malware, but largely the quality as well. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more technically sophisticated. The criminal community is becoming increasingly more professional. Leading security experts believe that attacks by purely ideologically motivated hackers will increase as well: they use sophisticated methods to infiltrate company and government networks, to destroy confidential data irreparably where possible, or post it on the Internet.

Sophisticated attacks via ever-present new backdoors

The current trend in business IT concerns "bring your own device" (BYOD) - staff are using their own private smartphones and tablets at work as well. This means that the number of clients needing to be administered is increasing rapidly. The interaction between traditional desktop computers or notebooks and these new devices tests any infrastructure and opens up countless new gateways for malware.

Everything at a glance

Detailed but still functional - the G DATA Administrator: the central management tool for G DATA AntiVirus, ClientSecurity and EndpointProtection, with remote control, giving you easy access to the information and functions that you need the most.The clear dashboard displays the security status of your clients, makes individual devices easy to locate and provides understandable context help for each menu item. And thanks to the detailed software and hardware inventory, you always have an overview of your entire resources. In the remote installations overview, you can also see the status at a glance - so you don't waste valuable time on administration.

Rely on quality and security that meet German standards

IT security solutions from Germany are in demand across the world. IT Security Made in Germany is a consortium of German IT security companies under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). The export initiative was founded in 2005, upgraded to a registered association in 2008 and is based in Berlin.

G DATA SecurityLabs

The G DATA expert-team consisting of malware-analysts and engineers informs you about everything that you should know about IT-security. Computers, social networks, E-mails, smartphones and network-TVs are part of our everyday life. They affect the modern communication and simplify our world.

But every evolution also has a reverse side. This can be seen in the rapid growth of online-criminality. With information about malware, online-fraud and the criminal structure behind these; with statistics and blogs and helpful tools and tips we show you where the dangers lurk and how you can protect yourself, your devices and your identity all around.

System requirements

  • G DATA Client (32/64 Bit): Systems with Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit), 7/8 (32/64 Bit) /Vista (32/64 Bit) /XP (32 bit only) /Server 2003, 2008/R2 or 2012/R2, At least 1 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB RAM)
  • G DATA ManagementServer (32 Bit/64 Bit): Systems with Windows 7/8 (32/64 Bit) /Vista (32/64 Bit) /XP (32 bit only) /Server 2003, 2008/R2 or 2012/R2, At least 1 GB RAM (recommended 4 GB RAM)
  • An Internet connection is required to download the latest virus signatures and software updates.